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Relocation Team

Our dedicated team of relocation consultants is eager to assist you with this life changing  experience!

 * Relocation Consultants

* Corporate apartments

* Real Estate agents

* Educational experts

* Partner Support

* Furniture rentals

Immigration and Tax lawyers

Depending on nationality, these matters require the attention from the subject matter experts. 

* Immigration lawyers

* Accounting firms

* Tax advisors

Service Providers

Depending on your needs, our dedicated Service Providers are here to help.

* Headhunters

* Recruiters

* HR strategy professionals

* Payroll providers

* Moving companies

* Cleaning companies

* Insurance advisors

20+ years international relocation experience!

During his free time, Peter fully embraces all that Switzerland has to offer.

Swiss Advisory Services is an exclusive  group of qualified service providers dedicated to assisting both corporate and individual clients in their transitions to and from Switzerland.

The founder, Peter Bloemsma, has lived and worked across four continents, experiencing the challenges and rewards of being an expat, a trailing partner, and a parent to globally-minded children. In 2004, Peter relocated from Australia to Switzerland, where he assisted foreign clients in purchasing Swiss real estate. This often led to inquiries about taxes, business establishment, and entering the Swiss market. 

In 2014, while based in Singapore, Peter co-founded a company that supported small and medium-sized enterprises in their international expansion, building a global network of service providers to facilitate their growth. 

Returning to his home country, the Netherlands, Peter worked for a Dutch relocation company from 2018 to 2023, contributing to its success as a premier destination service provider. However, Peter's passion for Switzerland persisted, leading him to return to the country in 2023; relocating for the second time into Switzerland. Drawing upon his expertise and international connections, he decided to merge his knowledge and networks to assist both companies and individuals in moving to and from Switzerland, offering them the finest relocation experience available.