Relocating to Switzerland ?

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Switzerland stands for: 

an attractive destination for businesses and workers due to several key factors:

Strong and Stable Economy 

Business-Friendly Environment

Skilled and Multilingual Workforce

Innovation & Research

Perfect Holiday Destination


Quality of Life

It's important to note that most in Switzerland has been organised with "Swiss precision", however there are still a lot of questions relating to working visas requirements, relocation related challenges and buying real  estate.  


Are you looking for assistance with attracting new talents and/or the relocation of your employees into Switzerland?


Are you looking for support to move and settling into Switzerland for your new job?


Do you want to live and work in Switzerland or want to buy Real Estate? 

We are an exclusive group of qualified Service Providers who could assist you with the above questions. Please let us know what you're looking for and we'll be your 1 Point of Coordination and come back to you with a solution.

We know, a lot of questions when it comes to relocating to Switzerland. How nice would it be to speak to someone directly, instead of those FAQ pages or even worse these Chatbots.

We offer a free consultation session for 30 minutes.


W. Rogers

Private client UK

"We were in the last phase of buying a nice chalet and then got stuck due to local regulations, our poor German language skills and unclear mortgage conditions. Peter assisted us and all was settled within a week."

R. Mitchell


"When my company offered me a job in Switzerland, they included relocation services in the welcome package. From schools, bank accounts to finding an apartment. Peter saved our day!"

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